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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Olathe! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Olathe, KS. If you ever experienced the devastating damage of the wildlife infestation, you want to make sure that it will not happen again. Therefore, you need to have a reliable partner with you. Our company has developed a comprehensive and systematic method that has helped our customers in providing long-term relief for their wildlife problems. Our effective strategy is the reason why we’ve remained as your #1 wildlife removal company for three years now. Most of the so-called ‘Wildlife Control Experts’ will only help you manage your problem. However, it will never be that easy. There is more to the removal process than getting rid of the animals. We, together with our highly-trained staff, will go directly to the root of the issue. With more than a decade of experience, we have amassed knowledge and skills that are necessary to execute the right treatment process for both commercial and residential properties. We make sure that all of our customers will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy. Since the day that we launched our business, our company successfully made a name for itself by providing practical methodologies that the people can use to keep their place wildlife free. We are proud to say that we are only using humane methods that are guaranteed to keep both homeowners and the animal safe and sound. Call us now at 913-828-0904 for your Olathe wildlife control needs.

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Olathe Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Do Strobe Lights and Ultrasonic Devices Work Against Kansas Rats?

Once you noticed some rats in your Olathe property, you will have to look for ways to effectively get rid of them. Machine deterrents are probably one of the more popular choices of the homeowners. Strobe lights and ultrasonic repellents both utilize advance technology that aims to get rid of the nuisance creatures that can damage your house. However, you want to make sure that they will be effective before investing on them.

Will Ultrasonic Device Work Against Rats?

The data that will help us determine the effectiveness of the ultrasonic devices is relatively limited. The ultrasonic devices are also known as electromagnetic repellers, or microvibration pest repellent. According to the manufacturer, this machine will release a high-frequency noise to repel the rats. Based on some information, the ultrasonic devices may be able to provide assistance on repelling pest but only for a limited period.

Even if the high-pitched noise that they release will affect the Kansas rat, they can easily avoid it. The mice can also adapt on the repeated noise that the machine produce. This kind of device has a limited effect when it comes to pest control since it is directional. Contrary to what the manufacturers claim, this device do not have the capacity to penetrate on solid walls. According to the test, the sound energy that it releases will significantly decrease after 15 meters. 

How About Olathe Strobe Lights

The strobe lights will emit a flashing and high-intensity light that is meant to startle rodents such as Kansas rats. The goal is to create an environment that the rats may find irritating. According to some homeowners who use this device, strobe lights are ineffective when controlling their rat infestation. Furthermore, you need to activate the strobe lights 24/7 that will be impractical. You will also need several units to cover all areas of your house. 

In order for your strobe light to function, you may need to prepare multiple extensions. We all know that rats love to chew wires that can lead to a serious problem. You should also check the coverage of the strobe lights. Some lights are designed to be use in larger areas. There are others that are not recommended to use in areas that will block the lights. 

Strobe lights will not be enough to convince the Kansas rats that your house is not ideal for them. As opposed to the dangers that await them outside of your house, your space is completely secured. They will rather choose to live in the area with bright lights than to be exposed with the dangers of the predators. Rats can survive in a range of environment which proves their amazing ability to adapt. They can easily get accustomed to the changes in their environment such as flickering lights and loud sounds.

We do not recommend our Olathe readers to completely rely on this machine deterrent. Your best option is to hire the service of the professionals when getting rid of the rats. They can provide you with a personalized and proven effective treatment that will suit your situation.