Best Tips to Always Keep Pesky Olathe Raccoons off Your Sod

Raccoons may appear cute, but it is still a wild Olathe animal. Once they invaded the urban community, they will often cause conflict with humans. If you have a newly installed sod in your yard, you will need to water it at least 2 times each day. The high level of moisture will attract the grubs and insects that are part of the natural diet of the raccoons. We often underestimate the capacity of this small creature to cause significant damage.

How to Prevent the Raccoons from Damaging Your Sod?

Raccoons are smart and crafty Kansas creatures and they can easily tell if your area is a good source of food. With their incredible dexterity, they can easily tear up a chunk of your fresh sod to get an access to the grubs and worms underneath. It can be quite difficult to prevent them from returning once they discover the insects in your lawn. Here are some ways on how to keep your sod safe from the attack of this vermin.

Install a Protective Net

Installing a net is the most efficient way to protect your sod from the Kansas raccoons. Be sure to look for a net that has a sturdy structure that will make it extra difficult for this creature to destroy your sod. The net should preferably made from metal or thick plastic. By using this method, you can guarantee that the grass will remain on their pristine condition for three weeks. This should be enough time for the roots to firmly attached to the soil. By then, you can also reduce the amount of watering that will greatly reduce the grubs and insects that can attract the attention of the raccoon.

Using Deterrents

Since raccoons are nocturnal creatures, some Kansas people were successful in driving them away by installing garden lights that comes with motion sensor. This seems to be an economical approach since the light will not be activated all night. Motion-activated sprinkler is another effective deterrent against the raccoon. When choosing a device, look for a sprinkler that release powerful jet stream. Placement is also crucial since the stream will be weak on the edges of your lawn. 

Using Soap Flakes

Soap Flakes are excellent in reducing the population of the grub and Olathe worms. It is also used in driving the insects deep into the surface. This will make it difficult for the raccoon to sense the presence of the worms. By eliminating the things that are attracting them, you can also control the damages that you may incur from an unexpected visit from a raccoon.

Raccoons can indeed cause hefty damages but there are always efficient ways to get rid of them. The methods we provided above are intended to create a lawn that is less-attractive and inaccessible to this creature. Raccoons may be persistent, but they also prefer to look for food on more accessible places. By using these simple methods, you can guarantee that your sods will have enough time to take root and their growth will not be hampered.

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